Tony Ubertaccio
Very few of the links on this page are “affiliate links,” meaning I’ll get paid a small commission should you choose to use them. Please note: I have either directly or indirectly (through client work) used and liked every resource on the page. I try to provide options and alternatives in each section so please trust that these are here to help you get started, or make your life easier, not to make me a few cents.

Resources for Business Builders

Website Buying (Registering) and Hosting
Site Design
Site Optimization Tools
Email Management & Marketing
Docs, Files, Folders, Memory and Storage
Project Management Webtools
Calendar / Scheduling / Meetings
DIY Writing
DIY Video Creation
DIY Audio Creation
Free Tools For Better Content
Launches / Opt-ins
Taking Online Payment
Tools of the Trade
Social Media Optimization Tools
Low Hanging Fruit

Website Buying (Registering) and Hosting is my go-to to test website availability. It finds ways to make your desired site name work. Check it out.

NameCheap is the most used site for domain registration.

Bluehost is a domain host used by a lot of online marketers (they allow affiliate commissions) and is seemingly pretty reliable.

Media Temple my online business friends mostly use Media Temple and rave about their excellent customer support.

WP Engine is for bigtime businesses, in my opinion. The more views your site gets per month, the more seriously you need to look at powerful hosting solutions like WP Engine.

Site Design is a great way to build simple blog sites. Most hosts have a “one button WordPress installation.” Also, 19% of the internet is built

SquareSpace is a simple way to make pretty sites. It’s not the best solution for marketers or e-commerce shops. But if you’d like a nice site as an online “business card,” SquareSpace is a great choice.

Shopify the solution for e-commerce sites. If you make and sell things, Shopify is built for you.

Site Optimization Tools:

Google Analytics is a massively valuable resource for website owners. Drop a single line of code into your site and you have a whole world of insight about your visitors.

CrazyEgg offers page by page insights like how deep to people scroll, where do they click, and more.  

KissMetrics takes the last two and sort of combines them into one of the most robust and understandable analyzation of your website.

SumoMe Heat Maps and Content Analytics are two freemium products that offer onsite analytics including click and scroll engagements metrics.

Email Management & Marketing

ActiveCampaign is a new but seemingly incredible combination email marketing, marketing automation, and CRM/sales tool.

Aweber, free month to start, allows for quick implementation and integration on sales platforms. I use Aweber, currently.

Constant Contact seems to be a good solution for classic businesses and they love partnering with #causes.

Gmail, please don’t tell me you’re still using your If you do, fix it. Gmail is best in class and a great place to start your mailing list.

InfusionSoft is a submachine gun / Cadillac in the online marketing world. You probably don’t need it. But… if you do. It’s the “best.”

MailChimp is known for it’s pretty email layouts and has a free plan up to around 2,000 subscribers. So it’s a great place to start with email list building.

Launches / Opt-ins

KingSumo is a tool that allows for viral (meaning incentivized sharing) giveaways to happen in a few clicks.

LeadPages is probably the best in the game. They allow you to easily build and customize launch / opt-in pages from conversion-tested templates.

OptinMonster is a powerful lead capture form tool with an innovative focus grabbing exit intent technology.

SumoMe offers a freemium version of most every opt-in tool you could need. They work quickly and easily and best of all, they’re free.

Unbounce is a super strong opt-in tool used by marketers and brands and it’s worth taking a look at.

ViralSweep like KingSumo, ViralSweep allows for easy viral giveaway creation. ViralSweep also allows you to host your give way on their site.

Docs, Files, Folders, Memory and Storage

BackUpWordPress free and automated, it’s a no-brainer for WordPress backup solutions. Backup weekly, at a minimum, but I recommend daily.

Dropbox one of the first and best to the online storage game, they’re the choice for massive file storage and backups.

External Hard Drive I got mine from Costco years ago, but I have a link to a 1 terabyte… back your stuff up!

Evernote works with every device you have to act as your single online notebook and brain. If you use Evernote, you need

Evernote: Clearly is a must. Clearly is a way to read advertisement free websites and quickly send the doc to your Evernote database.

Google Drive is everything. A suite of services (a la the Microsoft Suite) that allows massive storage and live collaboration on documents, spreadsheets, images, video/audio, and other content all in the cloud.

LastPass lose the spreadsheet with sites and passwords. This app handles it for you and even helps you come up with strong passwords. Qwerty1234 is not keeping your bank account safe.

Project Management Web Tools

Asana is the project management tool I love most, right now. Free, clean, and built as a solution for internal Facebook PM needs, you might just love Asana, too.

Coggle is a free mind mapping plugin that connects with your google drive

Slack is a winning the community communication game. They have figured out a way for businesses of all sizes to quickly share information, better than email. Forums of the future live on Slack.

Todoist if you like building to-do lists, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better option. It’s minimal but robust.

Trello is my choice when I want to visualize workflows. Essentially it’s an online index card system, think solitaire, that really helps me see all the moving pieces.

Workflowy is my catch all. One part mind map, one part foldering system. I really love its simplicity.

Wunderlist goes neck and neck with Todoist for to-do list building software. Take it for a test drive.

Calendar / Scheduling / Meetings

Google Calendar is always open on my computer. Send invites, save dates, and auto post confirmations from your Gmail inbox.

Google Hangouts (On-Air) is a quick and easy way to video conference. Using the “on-air” feature, the video is recorded and instantly published to YouTube either publicly or privately.

Skype is the most used option for voice or video calls internationally. Most podcasts are recorded through Skype.

Sunrise Calendar, specifically Meet, is a wild tool for simplified scheduling. Before using Sunrise, owned by Microsoft, read the T&C. also known as “Amy” is an artificial intelligence that handles bookings, just CC “her” and she’ll take care of the rest.

Zoom is a newcomer, but they’re doing so much right. Video calls and conferencing with tons of functionality. You can even run a webinar.

DIY Writing

Dry Erase White Boards are perfect for outlines and daily task lists.

Google Docs are where I do pretty much everything. I especially love how I can send a link to a friend and collaborate live.

Grammarly is a freemium spell checking software that catches things other spell checkers simply don’t. But it’s writing interface is beautiful.

Pen and Paper, I like getting ideas out on paper then transposing them to electronic. That transfer means a lot as I work out what I’m writing.

WordPress as much as I pre-write, I wind up writing a lot in WordPress itself.

DIY Video Creation

Camtasia allows you to record your screen movements and actions or import HD video from a camera or other source, then edit and make a movie.

eCamm Call Recorder is best in class for recording Skype calls.

iMovie is the basic Mac video editing software, use the built-in camera or import footage to get it going.

iPhone and most smartphones today shoot beautiful footage, use the out-facing camera when you can, and hold the camera horizontally for the best shots.

QuickTime allows for audio recording, screen recording, and movie recording. Super clean, super simple.

ScreenFlow is just for Mac and is my go-to screen recording and movie making software.

DIY Audio Creation

Audacity is a free and the most use sound editing software for podcasters.

Auphonic is a freemium (unlikely you’ll need more than free) solution for improving sound quality. It’s incredible.

Garage Band comes with Mac and allows for mixing and mastering audio for any movie or song you might be recording.

iPhone uses Voice Memos to record anything you need. There are also apps that “do more,” but it depends on what you need.

QuickTime is used by most podcasters as a backup audio recorder.

Free Tools For Better Content

Awesome ScreenShot is exactly as it sounds. Screen capture, markup, and save images with ease. 

Canva is best in class in making everyone feel like a designer. You can do almost anything with Canva and almost look pro when you do. 

Gratisography one of the quirkier free, high-quality photo sites. I love his model, I do “better work caffeinated, buy me a coffee?” 

Unsplash the best in free, hi-res images. 

Studio App the closest thing to Canva on your phone. Exclusively for 1×1 photos, aka Instagram posts. 

Taking Online Payment

EventBrite the biggest, baddest, and perhaps best option in ticketing and selling major events. 

GumRoad is a company I love, selling an e-book? GumRoad makes it easy. Video game? Honestly, in terms of time from idea to execution, Gumroad might be the best and fastest way to sell your products. 

NightOut an upstart that’s making waves in the event ticketing space. Very much not EventBrite, NightOut is great for parties and events that aren’t stuffy.

PayPal is a classic way to accept money online. Trusted. 

SamCart for “information marketer” as they have the ability to upsell built right into the checkout process. 

Square the first true disrupter in person to person sales, now has leveled up even further. and other updates make Square a force to be reckoned within direct sales.

Stripe is hands down the best way to accept credit cards directly online, the just beat Amazon for Kickstarter’s checkout process because of how great their customer experience is.

WaveApps free dashboard for all things business. Monitor, your bank accounts, and deliver invoices to clients all from WaveApps.


Boomerang for Gmail allows you to schedule emails to send at given times, making your standard Gmail account act more like a CRM or Mail Service than ever.

IFTTT is a free way connect your favorite apps together and automate things from social posts to text messaging and emails.

Zapier is IFTTT on a whole other level. More ways to connect tools and processes but it is very much not free.


99Designs one stop shop for all things cheap graphic design.

Craigslist is an ugly site the gets it done. Trying to find some help, more people head to Craigslist looking for work than you can imagine, keep in mind, there’s no way to ensure quality.

Fiverr is your first stop for any outsourced creative work like theme music, animation etc… Prices are affordable.

Hire My Mom I love this as a business model and I have friends that rave about their quality of work they’ve received.

Upwork is the best in class for all things “outsourced.” Head to the site to get a sense of what people are outsourcing, then get on board.

Tools of the Trade:

Index Cards I try to use index cards as much as I can: daily goals, pulling notes from print books, physical mind mapping.

iPhone you can run an entire business from a smartphone these days. The 6s, with 4k video, means you can run a premium online business entirely from your phone. 

Pen & paper never gets old. I lose pens all the time, so I try to keep them inexpensive. These, are hard to beat. 

MacBook Air for the traveling entrepreneur. 

MacBook Pro for the number crunching, program running, heavy computing entrepreneur. 

Moleskine Notebooks I always try to have a Moleskine on me, and I love the Evernote edition I bought. 

Social Media Optimization Tools:

BufferApp allows you to schedule 10 posts on a number of different platforms and track relative engagement. It’s a must.

BuzzSumo aggregates all things social media so that you can find influencers, see who shares what and how well it does.

IconoSquare is the online dashboard for Instagram. You’ll be amazed at what you can learn from the free resources on this site. 

Klout quantifies your social clout and offers “perks” to influencers. It also helps you to “get known for what you love” by offering ideas of relevant posts for you to share.

SocialBro is a paid service that helps you “win” on Twitter. Quickly and easily play the twitter follow game and see your audience grow.

TweetDeck a twitter listening and scheduling must. TweetDeck is the best, free resource that allows you to do 10x more than when you’re on alone.

ManageFlitter is the most robust Twitter tool available.

Low Hanging Fruit:

Amazon Affiliate Program if you have any influence and/or desire to sell things online, this is an obvious first step.