Tony Ubertaccio


Are you ready to achieve your South Pole Goal?

The 20 Mile March Community helps you clarify, commit to, and move toward your South Pole Goal.

But before we dive in, we’re going to have to define some terms.

The two obvious ones question are: South Pole Goals and 20 Mile Marches.

The third is: you.

Let’s start with the third.

When I say you, I mean the part of you that thinks you can make a major impact on the world. When I say you, I mean the part of you that knows you have a lot left to learn but wants to get started anyway.

Yes, I’m speaking to the entrepreneur in you but I’m also speaking to the entra-preneur in you. The part of you that’s focused on making a difference and doesn’t care who gets the credit.

Entrepreneurs are welcome are welcome to march with us, of course. But you don’t need to run your own company to focus on becoming the best version of yourself. And you certainly don’t need to own a company to make an impact on those around you.

It’s go time. If you’ve been itching to finally show up and make the difference you believe you can, then you’re ready. It’s time for you to re-commit to your own South Pole Goal and 20 Mile March.

But South Pole Goals and 20 Mile Marches… what are they? Let’ me explain.

Where the 20 Mile March got its name…

Over 100 years ago, Roald Amundsen said something absurd. He said he’d be the first man to reach the North Pole. (Yes, that’s right, I said North Pole. Continue reading to see what happened… and how this community got its name.)

Today on this website, at least, we call that type of statement a South Pole Goal.

And we define South Pole Goals like this: A singular vision of a better future that is so audacious it is magnetic. It pushes away-most who don’t believe and pulls-in those who do believe. 

Though people called him crazy, Amundsen made his intentions clear. Over three years he assembled a team. Then, just weeks before departing for the North Pole, his prize vanished before him. The news reported two groups planted flags in the North Pole.

Without pause, he and his team changed course and set a new objective: They would be the first to reach the South Pole.

He and his team left europe as planned then moved south. Months later they arrived at the Bay of Wales, Antarticsa.

He led a small team of five on the final push for the South Pole — still another 798 miles away. About 45 days later, he and his team planted their flag in The South Pole and turned back. It’d be another 4 months until they safely arrived in Tasmania and could let the world know of their success.

Amundsen’s Influence

The 20 Mile March Community focuses on three impactful lessons from Amundsen’s success:

– Have a Driving Vision of a Better Future.
– Set a South Pole Goal with Crystal Clarity.
– Build a Team (a community) of Badasses to Support You.
– Do the Work, Continue Your 20 Mile March.

As you know Amundsen set an audacious and vivid goal to reach an uncharted corner of the globe.

Amundsen also got busy building a team of the most badass navymen he could find. He handpicked an expert navigator. Hired a master dog sledder. Found a former army medic. And rounded out the team with a hunter, chef, handyman, and ski maker. I image it looked the way a movie hero might build his team to save the world.

The audacious goal is important. The team is essential. But there’s something more important still.

According to Jim Collins, the most important lesson from Amundsen is The 20 Mile March. To give you context, Collins is the one of the most respected business writers ever. His supports his opinions with data.

Take the 99-day journey from camp to the South Pole and back, for example. Amundsen and his team averaged a perfect 17 miles per day. I say perfect because his goal was between 15-20miles.

There is an alternative to this strategy, of course.  You can push hard on fair weather days and hunker down when the weather turns foul. By chance . The reality is, there are never enough good days. And, in practice, this strategy killed the second team to reach the pole.

Now, get this. By chance, a second team of explores set out for the South Pole just weeks after Amundson and his team. And guess what strategy they used.

Yup, go all-out on fair weather days and lay low on the cold days. The reality is, there are never enough good days. And, in practice, this strategy killed the entire second team.

Collins says the 20 Mile March ethos is crucial to seeing long term success.[You can read his amazing post on 20 Mile March here]. To quote Collins:

“Twenty-Mile Marching helps turn the odds in your favor for three reasons. First, it builds confidence in your ability to perform well in adverse circumstances[…]. Second, 20-Mile Marching reduces the likelihood of catastrophe when you’re hit by turbulent disruption[…]. Third, 20-Mile Marching helps you exert self-control in an out-of-control environment.”

Using Amundsen’s Lessons to Save the World

My South Pole Goal is to inspire, empower, and equip 1,000,000 good people to do good, meaningful work as they build financial freedom.

I want to help good people to feel able to change the world — or, if you think about it the way I do — to save the world.

Yes, it’s true, I believe that great businesses run by good people will save the world.

And while I know some people might find that crazy, I knew there was another type who will get it. They’ll hear that message and come along for the journey.

As I write this, there are 271 people on my email list. I have a long way to go, but I’ve begun the journey and I’m committed to daily action.

My question is simple. Will YOU to join us?

It’s montage time.

We’re building a team. A team ready, willing, and able to do something that’s brand new.

The team is a motley crew, for sure, and we’re in need of someone like you.

So what’s your South Pole Goal?

We want to march with you.

Don’t think you have a South Pole Goal, yet? Perfect, let’s set a small goal to start but let’s get moving!

You see, movement is the goal. Action is the key. Forward is the direction…

I don’t care where you are, or how far you think you are from your South Pole, it’s time to start marching.

So let’s talk about what I have in mind.

The 20 Mile March Community

Identify the vision you have for your future. Who do you want to be in this world? Then state your South Pole Goal, build a team to support you, and do the work.

I want to help you become that future version of you… today.

The team that will march with you toward your South Pole Goal, that’s The 20 Mile March Community. Each of us is focused on making small, daily progress toward our South Pole Goals. Together, we get to where we’re going faster.

We’re a living, breathing network of service-minded people. The type of people who have their minds set on making a difference to this planet.

It’s the type of community that you can turn to for inspiration, support, advice, and peace of mind.

I’d like to help you create the movement in your life that you long for. That forward movement that helps you feel a sense of purpose and progress.

I’m not promising you’ll become a millionaire. And, no, I’m not saying you need to become an entrepreneur.

But you do need to have a deep-seated, burning desire to make a difference to the world by becoming your best self.

If you have that desire, continue reading. If you’re dying to change the world, you’ll like what we’re doing in  The 20 Mile March Community.

Here’s What’s You’ll Get As a Member of

The 20 Mile March Community

Resource #1:

Unlimited Personal Coaching & Consulting with Tony

When you join the community, you will have unlimited direct access to me.

Have a question about what to do next? Ask me.
Have a question about how to improve your sales messaging or resume? Ask me.
Have a question about where to find the right widget you need? Ask me.

While, I’ve always tried to be available to everyone, for my best help and support I charge $250/hr.

When you become a member of this community, you have my full bandwidth. It’s as though you’re a personal coaching client.

Resource #2:

Personal Strategy Session (via Skype)

Right out of the gate we’ll look to schedule your first strategy session with me. On this call, we’ll look to make sense of where you are and where you’re looking to go/grow.

Together we’ll set the first set of goals for you to march toward.

This call is yours to make what you will. My first intention is to learn about you and your personal South Pole Goal. From there, I help you get jumpstarted as fast as possible.

I record and share these calls with you so that you can review the feedback whenever you’d like.

Resource #3:

Personal Goal Tracking Software + Accountability

Like Amundsen, our goal is constant progress.

On our call, we’ll set the standard for the goal tracking you’d like to have in place… no matter what it is.

Sales goals. Diet goals. Reading goals. Relationship goals.

Following our call, I activate a custom daily accountability email. It’s a system that allows for record keeping and 20 Mile March tracking. Whatever’s important to you, we track it… daily.

Then at the end of each week, and each month, we’ll send a roundup email and a visualization of your progress.

Software like this offered at $300/mo elsewhere on the web.

Resource #4:

Live 20 Mile March Community Forum

If there is anything I know for certain, it’s that we are the average of the company we keep. This community centers it’s conversations. And all the conversations happen on a state-of-the-art forum software. The software allows for seamless integration onto your phone, laptop, desktop, or tablet.

You’ll find the community forum to be the heart and soul of the 20 Mile March Community itself.

We also have group activities in the chat forums. They include conversation-starting questions and action challenges that foster community. You will use the community chat for support. You’ll use it for giving/receiving encouragement, and making asks and offers. The best part is the software’s ability to evolve based on the community’s interest.

Resource #5:

Bi-Weekly Live Group Mastermind Sessions+ access to all call recordings

The entire community has bi-weekly mastermind calls.

On these calls we, work on any problems and roadblocks you’re facing.

The calls will take are free form. The singular goal is to have everyone leave empowered. You’ll have action items, new ideas, and renewed vigor for marching toward your goal.

We record theses call. And they’ll bring a new dimension to the daily live forum.

Resource #6:

Monthly Show and Tell Training Modules (12)

Each month, I do an interview with one of our community members. In the interview, you’ll get to learn more about them, their story, and their mission.

You’ll grow from hearing what they’ve learned along their journey so far.

These show and tells focus on being informative and fun.

It’s not a stuffy interview. It’s a conversation. I ask the who, what’s, when’s, and where’s. This way the entire community can share in the experience they’ve had.

Inside these interviews are a treasure trove of ideas, inspiration, and information. Just want we need to help fuel us as we go.

Resource #7:

Monthly South Pole Goal Go-Getters Case Studies (12)

Each month we also look at a case study outside of the community. We find a someone building something worth talking about.

These people won’t be the Elon Musk’s or the Steve Job’s of the world. They’ll be regular folks like you and me, who go it in their minds to do something worth doing.

I’ll share their story in as much detail as I can. When possible these case studies will include Skype interviews with the founders.

Resource #8:

Access to My Personal Laboratory

This is the most interesting opportunity of all. I have strong beliefs around action plans and building businesses. They need to support your vision of a better world.

Consulting and coaching supports my vision of a better world. Yet I don’t want to become the business guru who’s only ever run a consulting business.

I want you to know that I eat what I cook, and practice what I preach.

So I will execute auxiliary business idea(s) while building this community. I’ll prove that things I tell you to do and to start are solid. And you’ll have an insider’s perspective as I do it — a look over my shoulder, as they say.

I’ll document everything I do to start the other business. I’ll share it so that you can learn from my real-time efforts. My goal with the laboratory is to provide a roadmap for you if you’ve just started building something.

Future Bonuses

Personal Resource Toolbox
Over the last 5 years, I have built a massive database of worthwhile information.

Stored in this database is every answer to questions you might have on business. As a member of this community, you’ll have access to any and all information I can provide for you.

I’m distilling all the Guru’s their content and where I’d go to learn X, Y, and Z.

Each month I plan to release a Niche (productivity, apps, website setup, etc.) Cheat Sheet.

Discounts on Brands and Products I Support
I’m working to build special trials and discounts for the things I use all the time.

Plan and simple. If I love it, I’ll work to get it for you for less — or with a special bonus.

BETA Testing, Early, and Discounted Access to Future Courses and Products

It might go without saying, but I will build other products in the future. I’ll develop courses, write books, create other projects. And I’ll sell all those things.

Anything I make will always fresh eyes and testing. As a community member, you’ll have access first and at a favorable rate.

Ideas include: South Pole Goal Conferences, Destination Retreats, Everything You Need To Know About Online Businesses A Primer, Building Your First Consulting Business Without Ever Having Been a Consultant Courses, How to Not Sound Like a Sleazy Used-Car Salesman While Pitching Your Product, and Sales Messaging etc.

How much does it cost?

So at this point, you must be wondering how much this all will cost.

Well… if I do this right, it’ll cost you a lot.

It’ll cost energy. It’ll cost attention. It’ll cost effort. It might even cost you a weekend night or two working toward your goal. And it’ll definitely cost you some comfortability…

You know the comfortability that I’m talking about.

It’s the same comfort that has kept you at the company you don’t love, working the job you can’t stand. It’s the same comfort that has you wishing for the day things will magically change.

Here’s the thing… this community will ask a lot of you. But it’ll give you back way more. I’m not promising miracles, but I can promise progress.

And, let me ask, how great did it feel the last time you felt like life’s momentum was on your side?

Do you remember the last time you had a team working with you and supporting you as you climbed?

Well, do you want more of that?

So here we are at a crossroads with two options ahead.

A) It’s time to either circle back to the safe space you’ve created. You can return to the comfortable space that’s left you underperforming at life.

B) Or, it’s time that you took the next step of many toward realizing the life you’ve been dreaming of. You can take the next step toward being the person you’ve aspired to be. You can make this a step toward building the community that will push you toward your potential. Take this step and I bet you’ll see results even faster than you thought was possible.

…So are we doing this or what?

If you’re still reading, I’m going to go ahead and take that as a good sign. I’ll consider you on board but looking to understand the details and fine print.

Here’s the deal… we are currently in BETA, meaning pre-official launch.

The fact is, most of the value in the resources listed above are will grow over time. They are contingent upon you, and people like you. You’ll need to actually sign up, show up, and be active in this thing.

That’s how you’ll get 10x your money’s worth.

So that’s why the offer I’m making today is so special… because I want you to love this like it’s your own… Because it is.

You will dictate so much about the future of this community. My goal is to have you love the idea, get fired up to take control of your life, and dive on board in a big way.

In this case, the bigger your splash the more you help me to get this thing started.

The bigger your splash, faster I can higher a development team. The bigger your committment the sooner I can get a designer to make it sexy and streamlined. The bells and whistles show up after you do.

So if you’re in BETA, I am always available to work with you directly.

That’s why I’m hoping that you cannonball into this thing.

Keep in mind: My 51% Rule. 

My intension is to create 10x return on your investment month after month.

That said, I promise to operate from a position of 51%. Meaning I always want to provide more value than you think you’re providing to the community.

I will be relentless in that pursuit. I want you to feel indebted to the value you recieve. To provide 10x value, I will go above an beyond.

But if you ever feel as though I go lower than 51%, I’ll refund your money in full.

So let’s talk details and fine print.

There will be 3 Tiers plus an absolutely awesome 4th Tier:

20 Mile March Monthly Membership – Launches 2016 (Pre-order Available)
BETA90 (Quarterly) Membership – Available Now
BETA365 (Annual) Membership – Available No
Golden Ticket Holder (Lifetime) Membership 

20 Mile March Monthly Membership

This is for you if you like the idea but have cold feet.

No sweat, you’re still welcome here. I just want to make sure I have some time to tidy up before you come over. I’d hate for you to see too many loose ends, get spooked, then dip.

The 20 Mile March Monthly Membership will get you access to:

–  The 20 Mile March Community Forum
–  The 20 Mile March Goal Tracking Log + Accountability

Monthly Membership will be available in 2016 and is only $49/mo.

20 Mile March BETA90 (Quarterly) Membership

The 20 Mile March BETA 90 Membership is for you if you’re ready to rock and are eager jumpstart your journey. It’s for you if you’re ready to make major progress toward that South Pole Goal of yours, starting today.

For you, I’m going to sweeten the pot. a. lot.

The 20 Mile March BETA 90 Membership will get you access to:

–  The Live 20 Mile March Community Forum (Priceless)
–  The 20 Mile March Goal Tracking Log + Accountability (normally $300/mo)
– Unlimited Personal Coaching & Consulting with Tony (normally $3,000/ month)
– 15-Minute Personal Strategy Session (via Skype) 
(normally $250/hr)
– Bi-Weekly Live Group Mastermind Sessions+ access to all call recordings 

– Monthly Show and Tell Training Modules (12) 
– Monthly South Pole Goal Go-Getters Case Studies (12) 
– Access to My Personal Laboratory
– Any Future Bonuses
– Personal Resource Toolbox

buy button for 20 mile march 90 dayor, Click Here to Join BETA90

Your membership is a one-time payment of only $147, lasts 90 days from the day you sign up, and will be easy to renew.

20 Mile March BETA365 (Annual) Membership

This is that cannonball I was talking about earlier.

The 20 Mile March BETA 365 Membership is for you if you’re not only ready to rock but want to be considered a founding member.

As a Founding Member, you will kickstart your journey toward your South Pole Goal and be vital to the success of this community.

As a founding member, you’ll have some exclusive perks. Namely 2 one-hour personal strategy session with me to get  your ball rolling. You’ll also be given an opportunity to be my guest on one of the monthly Show-and-Tell trainings.

But that’s not all…

An annual membership is not a forgettable investment for most. I realize that and am humbled by your belief in what this community.

So I’ve devised a way of saying thank you for being here from the star. It’s a lifetime discount. I may never discount again. But if you’re willing to invest yourself to this community then you’re entitled to a benefit.

Join as a BETA 365 Member today and get over 12 months (today to Dec 31, 2016) for the price of 11. That’s a more than 15%off.

But I have one other surprise for this membership level… You’re going to get a $39/mo price lock for as long as you’re a member.

That $149 in savings, just this year.

The 20 Mile March BETA 365 Membership will get you access to:

–  The Live 20 Mile March Community Forum (Priceless)
–  The 20 Mile March Goal Tracking Log + Accountability (normally $300/mo)
– Unlimited Personal Coaching & Consulting with Tony (normally $3,000/ month)
– One Hour Personal Strategy Session (via Skype) 
(normally $250/hr)
– Bi-Weekly Live Group Mastermind Sessions+ access to all call recordings
– Monthly Show and Tell Training Modules (12) + Option to Be A Show and Tell Guest
– Monthly South Pole Goal Go-Getters Case Studies (12)
– Access to My Personal Laboratory
– Any Future Bonuses
– Personal Resource Toolbox
– $39/mo Price Lock Guarantee for as long as you’re a member

buy button for 20 mile march 90 dayor, Click Here to Join BETA365

Your membership begins with a one-time payment of only $429, is good for 356 Days and starts the day you sign up.

Golden Ticket Holder (Lifetime) Membership to Everything, Ever

The Golden Ticket got Charlie inside Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory.

From there, Charlie got to see everything inside the factory. He saw it all. And by the end of the story he even earned the chance to work with Wonka on the future of his chocolate creations.

Charlie found his ticket. You can buy yours.

Yes, this is a test. I want to see if you’re interested. As of today, this community is is the center of my business. But what’s next? What future project will come down the pipe?

Products, Books, Projects will get built down the road.

Would you like a say in that process? Or, I wonder if you would like those products for free, forever?

If you buy a Golden Ticket, you will have access to every scalable product I ever create. From BETA to final, to version 5.0. They’re all yours. Free… or pre-paid, I suspose.

Same goes for the unscaleable products. You’ll have first dibs and at a massive discounted cost (unscalable i.e. merchandise, trips, conferences).

Meaning if you have a Golden Ticket, you have the keys to the castle. What’s mine is yours.

What do you say? Email me if you’re interested in the details of the Golden Ticket.

The Fine Print

Buy membership to any of the 20 Mile March Membership Levels. Then 30-days later, if you’re not completely on board, gung-ho, you get your money back. No, I’ll write that again, you have to take your money back.


I told you about my 51% rule earlier. Even while we’re in BETA, if you don’t think you get $100 of value from the community in the first month, I’m going to give you your money back.

I want to floor you with how badass this community is. If you’re even a little bit on the fence, I’d rather you get your money back and get outta here.

Meaning, I am 100% confident that if you dive in you’ll find the water to be warm and welcoming. I want you to love this thing and I will bust my ass to blow you out of the water with value.

That’s my promise.

A final note on South Pole Goals

Here’s the deal. We’re probably only on this earth once, my goal is to make a dent in it.


By inspiring, empowering, and equipping 1,000,000 good people to do good, meaningful work as they build financial freedom.

But the reality is, that could change.

What happens when I hit that goal?

Well, after Amundsen got to the South Pole, he needed a new goal. So he was the first person to fly to the North Pole, thereby making him the first human being ever to reach both poles.

I say that because, no matter what your goal is now (big or small) we’ll get you there. And once you get there, it’ll be time to look ahead to the next goal.

And we’ll get you there too.

But what happens if I only reach to 500,000 people with my message?

Have I failed? Get real!

No matter what you do, I want you to dent the world… and no matter what you do, you WILL dent the world.

I want your office to be the best in the world at what it does.

I want you to change lives by the way you show up to the people around you.

I don’t care what you do, I want to help you do that better.

And the best way to do things better — really the only way to achieve impossible feats — is by stating an audacious goal, building a team to support you, and doing consistent work.




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Email me if you’re interested in hearing more about the Golden Ticket Pricing or if you have any questions what so ever…   Tony at tonyubertaccio dot com